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Provedor de dados:  Zoologia
País:  Brazil
Título:  Aves de três remanescentes florestais do norte do Estado do Paraná, sul do Brasil, com sugestões para a conservação e manejo
Autores:  Bornschein,Marcos Ricardo
Reinert,Bianca Luiza
Data:  2000-09-01
Ano:  2000
Palavras-chave:  Birds
South of Brazil
Atlantic Forest endemics
Resumo:  One hundred eighty species in a preliminary inventory were identified. From these, 166 were in an area of 832.5 ha (Mata São Francisco State Park), 84 in another of 9.7 ha (Manoel Júlio de Almeida Municipal Forest) and 99 in the third remnant, briefly sampled, of 218 ha (Mata São Paulo). Comparing these numbers to inventories of nearby sites was considered that the larger area is poor in number of bird species, and believe this to be mainly due to the high degree of environmental degradation. Was considered that the smaller area is rich in birds, but its proximity (375 meters) to the third remnant certainly exeits strong influence. This paper presents the list of birds by site and with their relative frequency of occurrence. A new record for Paraná (Scarlet-headed Blackbird Amblyramphus holosericeus), two new ones for the interior of the state (Uniform Crake Amaurolimnas concolor and Yellow-lored Tody-flycatcher Todirostrum poliocephalum) and several other important records are commented (e.g. Red-legged Seriema Cariama cristata, Vinaceous Parrot Amazona vinacea, and Black-banded Owl Ciccaba huhula). Locally extinct species are discussed (e.g. Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja), as well as the ones that colonized landscapes created by men (e.g. pastures, agricultural areas). When discussing Atlantic Forest endemism, some species were shown not to be endemic to this biome. Because the north of Paraná is almost totally deforested, the presence of the forest remnants by itself conter them great importance for conservation, besides the existence of species endemic to the Atlantic Forest and considered to be under the threat of extinction. Conservation and management measures are also proposed.
Tipo:  Info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Idioma:  Português
Editor:  Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia
Relação:  10.1590/S0101-81752000000300008
Formato:  text/html
Fonte:  Revista Brasileira de Zoologia v.17 n.3 2000
Direitos:  info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess

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