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Provedor de dados:  Thai Agricultural
País:  Thailand
Título:  การผลิตและการเก็บรักษาหมูย่าง
Production and preservation of roasted pork products
Autores:  Montatip Yunchalad
Rasamee Supasri
Siriporn Stonsaovapak
Winus Puminat
Noi Sarikaphuti
Data:  2012-12-18
Ano:  2012
Palavras-chave:  Roasted pork
Resumo:  Roasted pork is a unique food product of Trang province. Its uniqueness starts from the process to the product quality, particularly the good organoleptic characteristic, which could be gradually changed during distribution system. So the traditional Trang roasted pork recipe, the commercial production trials and the extending of its shelf-life were studied. The results showed that the packaging products in the laminated plastic (Nylon/LLDPE) bags under normal condition or vacuum or vacuum and reinjected 40% N2 could be stored only one day at room temperature, but up to 2 days for packaging under vacuum and reinjected 20% CO2. While, all packaging methods could possibly extend the productps shelf- life up to 15 days at 4o C, because the applied hurdle technology retarded the microbial growth during storage. The microbial analysis results such as TPC( 102-104 cfu/g) passed the microbial standard of the Ministry of health for the ready-to-eat foods. The criteria of which should be TPC< 106 cfu/g , E. coli< 3 MPN/g, S. aureus<100 cfu/g, not found C. perfringens in 0.01 g sample and not found yeast and mold. However, the products require heating before consumption with respect to microbial safety. In conclusion, GMP shall be applied to the producer, the roasted pork products in laminated packaging under normal condition could be kept for 15 days at 4oC.
Tipo:  PhysicalObject
Idioma:  Thailandês
Formato:  2 l.
Direitos:  ลิขสิทธิ์เป็นของเจ้าของบทความแต่เพียงผู้เดียว

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