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Provedor de dados:  106
País:  Thailand
Título:  กระบวนการเกิด Programmed cell death ในเซลล์ใบอ้อยที่เป็นโรคใบขาว
Programmed cell death in the process of cells sugarcane white leaves disease
Autores:  Kanjana Kirasak
Taksina Sansayawichai
Weerapon Polrakdee
Data:  2014-03-13
Ano:  2012
Palavras-chave:  Hypersensitive response
Programmed cell death
White leaf disease
Resumo:  White leaf disease of sugarcane, which is more damage to economic crops in Thailand. It is infectedby phytoplasma pathogenic and transmitted plant by leafhoppers vector. There are several symptoms that indicate the white colour, white-green and yellow leaf etc. The symptoms are affecting to sugarcane growth and yield vary according to the intensity of the symptoms. The most severe were effect on the death and no yield. There is no way the get rid phytoplasma and no disease-resistant varieties. This research leads to understand the mechanism of the effect of phytoplasma to damage sucarcane in the expression of the white leaf disease symptoms. Application for renewal of the sugarcane is the serious disease that can survive until the yield. Processes of programmed cell death in sugarcane different white leaf disease infected symptoms were studied. Anatomical changes among white leaf, white-green, yellow and green leaf sugarcane were explored through cell cross section using light microscopy. Cellular ultrastructure was examined by using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The study showed that had vascular bundle cell, mesophyll and parenchyma layers of white leaf were collapsed. Under TEM studied, white-green, yellow and green leaf showed enlarged vacuole, condensed chromatin and broken nuclear envelope and in green leaf disorganized mitochondria was found. Finally, enlarged chloroplasts, declined grana and starch granules, accumulation and collapsed phloem have been found associated with symptom development of the disease.
Tipo:  Collection
Idioma:  Thailandês
Identificador:  ISSN 0125-0485

Khon Kaen Agriculture Journal (Thailand), ISSN 0125-0485, 2012, V. 40, Suppl. 3, p. 222-230

แก่นเกษตร, ISSN 0125-0485, 2555, ปีที่ 40, ฉบับพิเศษ 3, หน้า 222-230
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