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Provedor de dados:  IBSS Repository
País:  Ukraine
Título:  Current state of the zoobenthos at the Crimean shores of the Black Sea
Autores:  Revkov, N.K.
Sergeeva, N.G.
Data:  2013-11-08
Ano:  2004
Resumo:  The analysis of current state of zoobenthos at the Crimean shores of the Black Sea is fulfilled. The general features of taxonomical structure, regional peculiarities of bottom fauna development and species number distribution pattern with depth are considered. The results obtained testify the absence of species number reduction at the Crimean coastal zone of the Black Sea over the 2nd half of the 20th century. Total number of the macrozoobenthos species registered in the Crimea water area exceeds 560. Filter-feeding mollusks (Chamelea gallina and Modiolula phaseolina first of all) became the most pronounced “evolutioning” species, determining the quantitative changes of the bottom fauna over the soft-bottoms of the southwestern Crimea during the period 1930-s - 1990-s. The shift to lesser depths: from the zone of the mussel silts (26-50 m) to the silty-sand (13-25 m) of the most productive benthal belt of the southwestern Crimea is marked. Meiobenthos (eumeiobenthos) of the Crimean shelf includes more than 522 species in total. Formation of specific meiofauna composition in areas of the methane gas seeping is marked. The presence of 38 species and 6 genera of Nematoda, which are registered only in the given conditions testify to this.
Tipo:  Conference Material
Idioma:  Inglês
Identificador:  International Workshop on the Black Sea benthos, Istanbul - Turkey, 18-23/04/2004

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