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Provedor de dados:  Naturalis
País:  Netherlands
Título:  14. Pisces, Reptilia and Aves
Autores:  Beaufort, L.F. de
Data:  1931
Ano:  1931
Resumo:  In the following list of fishes and reptiles, known to occur as fossils in the Indoaustralian Archipelago, I have chiefly followed Smith Woodward (Bibl. 18) for the taxonomy. The teleosts, however, have been arranged according to Boulenger (The Cambridge Natural History, Vol. VII, 1904), with some slight alterations. I have not strictly followed the rules of zoological nomenclature and f. i. not changed Macrurus into Coryphaenoides. Palaeontologists are more conservative in this respect, and probably they are right.
Tipo:  Article / Letter to the editor
Formato:  application/pdf
Fonte:  Leidse Geologische Mededelingen (0075-8639) vol.5 (1931) nr.1 p.461
Direitos:  (c) Naturalis

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