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Provedor de dados:  Nature Precedings
País:  United Kingdom
Título:  16S rRNA based identification of _Aeromonas sp. kumar_ by constructing phylogenetic tree and identification of regulatory elements from the harmful Red Tide bloom, Gulf of Mannar
Autores:  P. Kumar
C. M. Ramakritinan
A. K. Kumaraguru
Data:  2009-10-24
Ano:  2009
Palavras-chave:  Ecology
Resumo:  A bacterial strain, designated _Aeromonas sp. kumar_, was isolated from a water sample collected from Red tide Bloom occurred in the region of Gulf of Mannar region, Puthumadam Coast, India and the strain was identified using 16S rRNA based identification. During the sample collection, microbiology analysis was done to study the morphology of the bacteria. Pure culture of strain was maintained through out the study. DNA was isolated and sequenced using 16S rRNA primers. A length of 1452 nucleotide was sequenced and was put in public data base for obtaining accession number. The sequence was studied using MEGA 4, to estimate the evolutionary distances and to construct the Phylogenetic tree. Along with that Regulatory elements and Transcription factors were studied using BPROM tool. In genetics, a promoter is a region of DNA that facilitates the transcription of a particular gene. Promoters are typically located near the genes they regulate, on the same strand and upstream (towards the 5' region of the sense strand). The objective of the study is to predict the regulatory elements which are -10 box, -35box and three Transcription Factors (rpoD19, rpoD17 and araC) with their binding sites in the 16S rRNA gene of _Aeromonas sp. kumar_. The gene bank accession number for 16S rRNA gene of _Aeromonas sp. kumar_ is FJ896014.
Tipo:  Manuscript
Fonte:  Nature Precedings
Direitos:  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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