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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  荔枝園營養調查與營養診斷研究
Nutrition Studies on Lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) Orchards in Central Taiwan
Autores:  黃維廷
Wei-Tin Huang;Yuh-Ming Huang;Wei-Min Hsiang;Ming-Hui Chang;Mu-Lien Lin;Chong-Ho Wang;Woan-Lih Wu
Data:  1998-12
Ano:  1998
Palavras-chave:  荔枝 花期 採樣方法 葉片養分標準 營養診斷 Lychee
Sampling method
Leaf nutrients standard
Nutrient diagnosis [[classification]]4
Resumo:  [[abstract]]為探討與建立本省荔枝園營養診斷方法,以供肥培改進之依據與參考,本研究應用葉片與土壤分析,針對台中縣、南投縣市及彰化縣約30個荔枝園,於1997年起進行營養與肥培管理調查。品種主為黑葉,次為糯米滋。產量調查及葉片分析結果顯示,產量與葉片氮含量呈二次式相關且葉片氮含量大多高於二次式中產量最高點的葉片氮含量,尤其花期(包括始花,2-4月)葉氮高於1.90%以上時收量減低,由迴歸程式求得最高產量90%之花期葉片氮素含量範圍為1.50-1.90%。至於葉片磷、鎂、鈣及硼含量與收量之迴歸分析則呈正相關,其相關r值 (n = 52) 分別為0.498**、0.561**、0.444**、0.543**,達極顯著(l%)水準。收量60公斤/株以上之植株,其花期(包括始花,2-4月)至謝花著果(5月)之葉片養分狀況,通常磷、鎂、鈣及硼分別為0.09%,0.30%,0.90%及25mgkg -1以上。分析顯示供試果園土壤約85%以上屬極強酸性(pH<5.00)而土壤交換性鈣鎂含量甚低,分別低於500mgkg-1及50mgkg-1。檢討黑葉荔枝葉片之養分季節性變化,花期至謝花著果期間甚平穩,且由於花期之葉片氮、磷與收量之迴歸相關值較謝花著果與著果後一個月者(6月初)大,故選擇花期(2-4月)花穗下段成熟葉片為葉片營養診斷之採樣適期與部位。以葉片要素對收量之影響為基礎,並參酌國內外之文獻,黑葉荔枝葉片養分適宜濃度範圍定為:N:1.50-1.90 %,P:0.12-0.27 %,K:0.70-1.00 %,Ca:0.60-1.00%,Mg:0.30-0.50%,Fe:50-100 mgkg-1,Mn:100-250 mgkg-1,Cu:10-25 mgkg-1,Zn:15-30 mgkg-1,B:25-60 mgkg-1。

[[abstract]]The aims of this study were to establish the mehtod and the reference of nutrient diagnosis as guides for fertilization improvement in lychee orchards. Thirty farms located in central Taiwan were selected to survey the changes of nutrient contents of leaves and yields of cvs Haak Yip and No May Tsz, and of soil fertility during the growing season in 1997. Some nutrients’ contents of leaves were significantly related to each other. Data revealed that the fruit yield of cv. Haak Yip was described well by nitrogen content in a quadratic relation and with the highest yield at 1.71% of nitrogen. Results also showed that the nitrogen content for most farms were higher than this value. According to the relationship the fruit yield will be guaranteed above 90% to maximum yield as nitrogen content of leaves remained at the range of 1.5% to 1.9% at anthesis stage. The fruit yield was related to contents of P, Mg, Ca, and B by first order at highly significant level, with correlation coefficients (r) at 0.498, 0.561, 0.444, and 0.543., respectively, for 52 observations. As the fruit yield 60 kg/tree expected, the nutrient content of P, Mg, Ca, and B should rise to 0.09%, 0.30%, 0.90%, and 25 mgkg-1, respectively, by fertilizers applied. Most characters of soil fertility were low for soils determined, more than 85% of soil pH of surface soil samples was very strongly acid (pH<5.0), and exchangeable contents of Ca and Mg were lower than 500 mgkg-1 and 50 mgkg-1, respectively. The anthesis stage is the best period to sample matured leaves at the section followed the flowering section. The suggested criteria of nutrients of leaves at anthesis stage for Haak Yip are N, 1.60-1.90%; P,0.12-0.27%; Ca,0.60-1.00%; Mg,0.30-0.50%; Fe,50-100 mgkg-1; Mn,100-250 mgkg-1; Cu,10-25 mgkg-1; Zn,15-30 mgkg-1; and B,25-60 mgkg-1.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  中華農業研究 47(4): 388-407
Journal of Agricultural Research of China 47(4): 388-407
Formato:  [[extent]]4692664 bytes


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