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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  文心蘭之健康管理
Oncidium Health Management
Autores:  張朝晏
Chao-Yan Chang
Data:  2009-06
Ano:  2009
Palavras-chave:  文心蘭
假球莖 2009花卉健康管理研討會專刊 Oncidium spp.
Pseudobulbs Proceedings of the Symposium on Plant Health Management for Flower Crops [[classification]]13
Resumo:  [[abstract]]文心蘭(Oncidium spp.)屬於蘭科,文心蘭屬。其原生於熱帶美洲的墨西哥、 巴西、玻利維亞一帶的複莖地生蘭或著生蘭,屬C3 型作物,其原種大約在七百 種以上,大部份原產於熱帶美洲,主要分布在美國佛羅里達州、墨西哥、巴拉圭、 祕魯、巴西、阿根廷等國,由平地到海拔2000 公尺以上的冷涼高地都有其蹤跡, 各原種之生態習性變化很大。目前本省經濟生產的文心蘭,不論是切花或盆花, 大都是經過雜交育種選拔出來的品種。國內於民國六十五年自泰國引進切花品種 南西(Onc. Gower Ramsey)。其表現在台灣深受栽培者肯定,且民國八十年代切花 輸出日本後,年年劇增。因此栽培面積自現今已達300 公頃以上。2007 年種植 面積已超過200 公頃輸日量達2064 萬枝占日本文心蘭輸入量87.6%。以單一品 種,單一花色,單一市場之出口量,已是花卉產業的奇蹟。然而生產量雖具有舉 足輕重之影響力,但因為產量集中於5~6 及9~ 10 月,造成輸入量過多而價格崩 盤。且因目前栽培是以水平黑網之栽培模式,夏季受自然氣候影響甚大消費者反 應部分產品瓶插壽命較短。因此建立文心蘭健康栽培模式是當前相當重要的課 題。 Oncidium orchid, Oncidium spp., the genus Oncidium of the orchid family (Orchidaceae), are the native species of tropical America Mexico, Brazil and Bolivia .Most species in this genus are epiphytes or terrestrials with a sympodial growth habit which belong to C3 plant. The genus comprise approximately 700 native species and has widespread in tropical America Florida, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil and Argentina these countries. Oncidium species could live in different habitat. They could be found on the ground or up on 2000 meter highland. Recently the cultivated Oncidium species in Taiwan, as cut flower or pot flower, are mostly hybrid and selected from cross breading. Onc. ‘Gower Ramsey which was imported from Thailand in 1976 has been a popular species to growers in Taiwan as cut flower, after being exported to Japan since 1991 the cultivation output has enhanced every year, thus the cultivation area now has enlarged above 300 ha. Onc. ‘Gower Ramsey’ was written a glorious history in Japan’s Oncidium import market , its cultivation area was more than 200 ha in Taiwan and we exported 20 million 640 thousand stalks to Japan in 2007, that was 87.6% of Japen’s Oncidium import volume that year, with one species, single color, only market and unique victory. Anyway, the cultivation output enhance is important but the harvest season is limited from May to June and September to October, therefore the large quantities always comes with lower price. Also, Net room cultivation in summer cause shorter vase live is another problem. Thus, to create a nature health cultivation system on Oncidium is an important issue now.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[isbn]]978-986-02-1860-2

Relação:  2009花卉健康管理研討會專刊: 195-202
Proceedings of the Symposium on Plant Health Management for Flower Crops, p. 195-202
Special Publication of TARI No.143
Formato:  [[extent]]2276657 bytes


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