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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  稉稻香米品種臺農72號之育成
Breeding Process of Scented Rice Variety Tainung 72
Autores:  楊遜謙
S.C. Yang
W. L.Chang
C.N. Chao
L.C. Chen
Y.S. Chen
Data:  1990-03
Ano:  1990
Palavras-chave:  [[classification]]14
Resumo:  [[abstract]]臺農72號為稉型稻香米,於民國67年2期作以嘉農系比662007為母本,與日本引進香米品種大正撰雜交而成,本品種具有濃郁的香味、米質佳、抗褐飛蝨之特性,株高一期作97.4cm,二期作102.4cm;穗數一期作17.2 支,二期作14.1支;生育日數一期作135天,二期作108天;稻穀產量一期作6,344kg/ha,二期作5,038kg/ha,比對照品種分別減產2%及9.7%,本品種桿莖稍細,在成熟期易受環境影響,而導致倒伏,臺農72號適宜中南部地區栽培,臺農72號初期生育緩慢,分蘗較差,為促進早期分蘗,提高產量,基肥及插秧後早期之追肥頗為重要。 A Japonica (Keng) type scented rice variety, Tainung 72 (TNG 72) was derivated from a cross between Chianung J662007 and Taishousen (Japanese local scented rice variety). TNG 72 posses the scent of plant and grain, and have the characterestics of good grain and eating quality. The variety is resistant to the brown planthopper, that is originated from Mudgo having Bph-1 gene. The plant height of the variety was 97.4 and 102.4 cm, panicle number per hill was 17.2 and 14.1, and the growth duration was 135 and 108 days, respectively in the first and second crop seasons. The grain yield was 6,344 kg/ha was in the first crop and 5,038 kg/ha in the second crop, that was about 2 and 97 % lower than the check variety Tainung 68 in the two crop seasons, respectively. The culm of TNG 72 was not so sturdy, easily lodging if the enviromental conditions were not suitable. TNG 72 is recommended for cultivating in the central south parts of Taiwan where the brown plantnopper was prevalent. Since the tillering ability of this variety is not good enough in early growing stage, a suitable application of basal fertilizers and adding supplementary fertilitizers promptly after transplanting are recommended.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  中華農業研究 39(1): 1-13
Journal of Agricultural Research of China 39(1): 1-13
Formato:  [[extent]]1303679 bytes

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