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Provedor de dados:  InTech
País:  N/A
Título:  Biomechanical Constraints in the Design of Robotic Systems for Tremor Suppression
Autores:  Juan-Manuel Belda-Lois
Alvaro Page
Jose-Maria Baydal-Bertomeu Rakel Poveda
Ricard Barbera
Data:  2007-08-01
Ano:  2007
Palavras-chave:  Rehabilitation Robotics
Resumo:  Tremor suppression with robotic devices can be an alternative for people with pathological tremor resistant to conventional treatments. Common orthotic principles don't fit well for tremor suppression due to the inherent dynamic characteristics of tremor. In the design of robotic systems for tremor suppression the correct design of load transmission to the bones through the soft tissues is one of the key aspects for successful performance. We have summarised the design specifications into three guidelines: a) Length restriction to avoid the low stiffness associated in the shear plane. b) Increase of contact pressure to increase contact stiffness. c) Increase of the number of contact points to keep the alignments between the orthosis and the body segment.
Tipo:  2
Idioma:  Inglês
Editor:  INTECH Open Access Publisher
Relação:  ISBN:978-3-902613-04-2

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