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Provedor de dados:  OceanDocs
País:  Belgium
Título:  Biotic Surveys of Bioko and Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea
Autores:  O'Keefe, K.
Stauffer, D.
Vindum, J.V.
Ubick, D.
Drewes, R.C.
Milá, B.
Griswold, C.E.
Henwood, L.
Smith, T.B.
Larison, B.
Nguema, J.
Derek, G.
Data:  1999-06-25
Ano:  1999
Palavras-chave:  Biotic factors
Resumo:  Biotic surveys and a comprehensive literature review were undertaken to improve our knowledge of the biodiversity of Bioko and mainland Equatorial Guinea. Bird and mammal surveys were conducted on the mainland, and herpetological and arthropod surveys on Bioko, providing new information on species distributions and abundance. On the mainland, five areas within the proposed preserve system for Equatorial Guinea; Reserva Natural de Rio Campo, Parque Nacional de Los Altos de Nsork, Parque Nacional de Monte Alen (including Montes Mitra), and Reserva Natural del Estuario del Muni, were examined. On Bioko, the two proposed reserve areas, Parque Nacional de Pico Basilé Reserva Científica de la Caldera de Luba, as well as some lowland areas near Luba were examined. Additionally, genetic data were gathered for birds, and combined with previous data from Cameroon, to assess patterns of genetic differentiation within and across mountains in Cameroon and Bioko. We recorded only one species of bird (Malimbus scutatus) that had not been previously reported for mainland Equatorial Guinea, and no new mammals. However, valuable new information on bird and mammal distributions within Rio Muni are presented. In addition, several species and one genus of amphibians were recorded on Bioko for the first time. Approximately a third of the arthropods, including 372 species of spiders were previously unrecorded, and many are unidentifiable from the literature and may be new species. At least three endemic species of Carabid beetles were also discovered. Conservation implications are discussed in each chapter, and in a separate section (Part V) devoted to conservation recommendations

Center for Tropical Research San Francisco State University Department of Biology Sonoma State University
Tipo:  Working Paper
Idioma:  Inglês
Identificador:  Biodiversity Support Program
Formato:  1142810 bytes


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