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Provedor de dados:  Organic Eprints
País:  Germany
Título:  Performance of organic and low input livestock systems: a matter of sound design?
Autores:  Spoolder, Hans
Biavati, Bruno
Borgsteede, Fred
Davies, David
Klocke, Peter
Maurer, Veronika
Nagel, Philip
Nicholas, Phillipa
van Krimpen, Marinus
Mejer, Helena
Modesto, Monica
Strozzi, Gian Paolo
Thamsborg, Stig Milan
Vermeer, Herman
Wagenaar, Jan-Paul
Zollitsch, Werner
Sundrum, Albert
Data:  2008
Ano:  2008
Palavras-chave:  Health and welfare
Resumo:  The QLIF project has targeted a variety of issues to make organic animal production (dairy cattle, pig, poultry) more safe, develop alternative methods to promote animal health and improve product quality. This workshop will discuss these aims as well as the QLIF achievements to date. It will also address our way of assessing the quality of our organic farms. We ask the question what the advantages are of doing this by looking at the output of a farm, such as yield, animal welfare and environmental issues. Alternatively, we also want to know what benefits there are in looking at how the farm is organised, via input factors such as housing design, nutrition, management quality. Two invited speakers will state their preference. Legislation, certification and consumer perceptions wil be addressed.
Tipo:  Conference paper, poster, etc.

Spoolder, Hans; Biavati, Bruno; Borgsteede, Fred; Davies, David; Klocke, Peter; Maurer, Veronika; Nagel, Philip; Nicholas, Phillipa; van Krimpen, Marinus; Mejer, Helena; Modesto, Monica; Strozzi, Gian Paolo; Thamsborg, Stig Milan; Vermeer, Herman; Wagenaar, Jan-Paul; Zollitsch, Werner and Sundrum, Albert (2008) Performance of organic and low input livestock systems: a matter of sound design? Paper at: 4th QLIF Congress in the Frame of the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress and the 2nd ISOFAR Conference, Modena, Italy, June 19-20, 2008. [Unpublished]
Formato:  rtf


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