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Provedor de dados:  Organic Eprints
País:  Germany
Título:  100% local and organic: closing the protein gap for poultry in the ICOPP Project
Autores:  Nelder, Rebecca
Smith, Jo
Clements, Ruth
Pearce, Bruce
Data:  2012-09-12
Ano:  2012
Palavras-chave:  Feeding and growth
Resumo:  A key challenge in improving the sustainability of organic poultry production is meeting the required levels of nutrients from locally sourced organic feeds. 100% organic diets for monogastrics will become compulsory in the EU from 1st January 2015. The ICOPP project brings together knowledge, from 10 EU countries, of local feeds for monogastrics and their wider impact on growth, health and welfare and the environment to identify feeding strategies which comply with organic principles. This poster will report on feeding trials carried out with broilers in the UK by FAI and ORC to investigate the impact of algae, peas and lupins on broiler performance and welfare.
Tipo:  Conference paper, poster, etc.

Nelder, Rebecca; Smith, Jo; Clements, Ruth and Pearce, Bruce (2012) 100% local and organic: closing the protein gap for poultry in the ICOPP Project. In: Rahmann, Gerold and Godinho, D (Eds.) Agriculture and Forestry Research (362), pp. 385-387.
Formato:  application/pdf

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