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Provedor de dados:  AgEcon
País:  United States
Título:  Harnessing People Power for Technology Uptake
Autores:  Nesbitt, Harry
Data:  2002-08-08
Ano:  2002
Palavras-chave:  Industrial Organization
Research and Development/Tech Change/Emerging Technologies
Resumo:  Effective agricultural technology uptake depends on a continuum of knowledge within the rural community. Involving government officials, research and extension personnel, producers and consumers in the process of technology development, adaptation and evaluation is often a frustrating and slow process but it pays long-term dividends, particularly in developing countries. This paper discusses the process through which the Cambodia-IRRI-Australia Project involved its major donor, government officials, international and local institutions, non-government organizations, traders and farmers in developing technologies for rice-based farming systems in Cambodia. This successful approach re-established Cambodia as a rice-exporting nation after suffering 25 years of grain shortages. New technology is estimated to add $2.4 billion Australian to the income of rice farmers over a 30-year evaluation period.
Tipo:  Presentation
Idioma:  Inglês
Relação:  Crawford Fund>Conference Proceedings>2002: Food for the Future: Opportunities for a Crowded Planet, 8 August 2002
Formato:  9

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