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Provedor de dados:  AgEcon
País:  United States
Título:  Representing the production structure of South African agriculture
Autores:  Poonyth, Daneswar
van Zyl, Johan
Data:  2009-10-21
Ano:  2000
Palavras-chave:  Crop Production/Industries
Livestock Production/Industries
Resumo:  This paper evaluates the production structure of the South African agricultural sector for the period 1970-1998, using a translog function. The results show that the production structure is best represented by production technology that is Hicks-neutral and homothetic. This information is useful in evaluating the results of previous research on the structure of South African agricultural production, particularly relatively recent research on elasticities of substitution. In addition, it also provides the basis for meaningful future analysis of aspects related to the production structure of agriculture.
Tipo:  Journal Article
Idioma:  Inglês
Relação:  Agrekon>Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2000
Formato:  13

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