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Provedor de dados:  Ciência Rural
País:  Brazil
Título:  Histopathology from liver of tuvira ( Gymnotus spp.) parasitized by larvae of nematodes
Autores:  Ventura,Arlene Sobrinho
Ishikawa,Márcia Mayumi
Gabriel,Andrea Maria de Araújo
Silbiger,Helcy Lylian Nogueira
Takemoto,Ricardo Massato
Data:  2016-07-01
Ano:  2016
Palavras-chave:  Hepatic histopathology
Commercial bait fish farming
Resumo:  ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to evaluate the histological changes in the liver of thirty-five Gymnotusspp. parasitized by endohelminths collected between April 2012 to October 2013 in commercial bait fish farming of Pantanal basin. Histological cuts of 7µm were stained with hematoxylin-eosin for parasites research and liver changes and have also been submitted to the Perls histochemical method for evaluation of hemosiderosis (Fe+++) based on the incidence degree and severity of change (Grade I, II and III) and tests for the presence of central melanomacrophages. Parasites identified were: Brevimulticaecumsp. with a prevalence of 22,9%, Eustrongylidessp 17,1%, Contracaecumtype I 68,7%, Contracaecumtype II 5,7%, Contracaecumtype III 5,7% and larvae of Anisakidae11,4%. Histological analysis showed intense disorganization of hepatic parenchyma with degenerate hepatocytes due to high parasitic infection, changes that can be deleterious and compromise the organism functioning, being harmful to the health of evaluated animals. Also evidencing normal tissue interleaved with different stages of Fe+++ deposit in grades II and III, injuring or destroing the cell. Histopathological changes in the tuvira's liver suggested a chronic response and the development of a balance relation between tuvira and parasitism by endohelminth identified in this study. There are also a testimony to the health condition of commercial bait fish farming on current ecosystem conditions.
Tipo:  Info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Idioma:  Inglês
Editor:  Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Relação:  10.1590/0103-8478cr20150881
Formato:  text/html
Fonte:  Ciência Rural v.46 n.7 2016
Direitos:  info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess

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