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Evaluating ecosystem functioning of a long-term dumping site in the Bay of Seine (English Channel) ArchiMer
Raoux, Aurore; Baux, Noémie; Pezy, Jean-philippe; Balay, Pierre; Lesourd, Sandric; Dauvin, Jean-claude.
The impact of 70 years of dumping harbour dredged material on ecosystem functioning was compared to a control site (non-impacted zone). A combination of indices (Shannon-Wiener diversity, Pielou evenness, BO2A, AMBI benthic indices) and modelling (Ecopath models) generated Ecological Network Analysis indices were used to detect the dumping operations effects. ENA indices showed that dumping operations appear to have a relatively limited impact on the structure and flow pattern of the local food web. In fact, only small variations between the two sites are revealed by a comparison of ENA indices between the impacted and non-impacted zone. This result could be explained by the fact that the Bay of Seine is historically characterized by a high level of human...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Dredged material disposal; Harbour activities; Ecopath model; Ecological Network; Analysis; Benthic indicators; Impacted zone; Non-impacted zone; Bay of Seine.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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