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Developpement embryonnaire de Palaemon serratus : Resultats preliminaires ArchiMer
Bellon, H.
The formation of the limbs, the digestive tract, the nervous system, the sensory and hormonal structures begins in this prawn during the embryonic stage C, according to Richard's definition (1974) and is performed at the stage H. The digestive tract differentiates with a caudo-cephalic gradient. The digestive gland is formed at least partially by vitellophages. The C.N.S. appears with a cephalo-caudal gradient and the regions of the eyestalk are quickly differentiated. The organ of Bellonci and the sensory pore appear independently during the stage F. The first neurosecretory cells are detected in the brain during the stage D.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Palaemon serratus; Malacostraca; Digestive glands; Sense organs; Nervous system; Digestive system; Organogenesis; Embryonic development; Organe de Bellonci; Développement embryonnaire; Crevette.
Ano: 1983 URL:
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