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Diversity of Vibrio spp. isolated at ambient environmental temperature in the Eastern English Channel as determined by pyrH sequencing ArchiMer
Tall, Amadou; Hervio-heath, Dominique; Teillon, Anna; Boisset-helbert, C.; Delesmont, R.; Bodilis, J.; Touron-bodilis, A..
Aims To describe the diversity of the culturable mesophilic and potentially pathogenic vibrios isolated at 22 and 37 degrees C on TCBS medium, in September 2009 from seawater and surface sediments. Methods and Results q-PCR assays previously selected for the identification of bacterial strains isolated at 37 degrees C were used in combination with the partial sequencing of two housekeeping genes, pyrH and toxR, to identify 315 strains isolated at 22 degrees C. The great majority of the 37 degrees C strains was identified by q-PCR assays, (five of the six species) with the predominance of Vibrio alginolyticus (85 center dot 9%) and V.harveyi (10 center dot 7%). The human pathogens V.parahaemolyticus and V.cholerae were rarely detected (two strains each)....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Coastal environment; Culturable Vibrio spp; Diversity; PyrH and toxR genes partial sequencing.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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