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Causes of long-term changes in Aegean sea deep water ArchiMer
Boscolo, R; Bryden, H.
Recent observations of newly formed deep water in the Aegean sea prompts this analysis of whether such deep water could be formed locally by the combination of an increase in net evaporation and wintertime water mass transformation. River diversion projects in Russia and Egypt since the 1950s have effectively increased the amount of net evaporation over the eastern Mediterranean basin. Historical profiles show that low salinity intermediate waters separated the deep and upper waters in the Aegean in 1961-1962. Within a simple mixed layer model, imposing a small net evaporation of 10 cm.yr(-1) on the observed hydrographic conditions in March 1962 results in the gradual erosion of the low salinity intermediate waters. After 25 years, the low salinity...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Échanges océan-atmosphère; Formation d’eau profonde; Circulation en Méditerranée; Budget hydrologique; Mer Égée; Air-sea interaction; Deep water formation; Mediterranean circulation; Hydrological budget; Aegean sea.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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