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Rapid Prototyping for Robotics InTech
Imme Ebert-Uphoff; Clement M. Gosselin; David W. Rosen; Thierry Laliberte.
The rapid prototyping framework presented in this chapter provides fast, simple and inexpensivemethods for the design and fabrication of prototypes of robotic mechanisms.As evidenced by the examples presented above, the prototypes can be of great help togain more insight into the functionality of the mechanisms, as well as to convey theconcepts to others, especially to non-technical people. Furthermore, physical prototypescan be used to validate geometric and kinematic properties such as mechanicalinterferences, transmission characteristics, singularities and workspace. Actuated prototypes have also been successfully built and controlled. Actuated mechanisms can be used in lightweight applications or for demonstration purposes. The main limitation in such...
Tipo: 2 Palavras-chave: Cutting Edge Robotics.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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