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ORFISH - Development of innovative, low-impact offshore fishing practices for small-scale vessels in outermost regions - MARE/2015/06. WP3 Developing and testing low impact fishing techniques ArchiMer
Berthou, Patrick; Macabiau, Christophe; Begot, Eric; Le Blond, Samuel; Henrique, Ramos; Cruces, Lorenzo; Lucas, Georges; Gomez, Cesar; Lebechnech, Léa; Guyader, Olivier; Quemener, Loic; Vignot, Celine; Leblond, Emilie.
In many European fisheries and particularly ORs, small-scale vessels are often multipurpose targeting different species using different gears. Given the narrow island shelves, vessels may develop their activity in coastal areas, on the edge of the continental shelf or offshore in deep-water or large pelagic fisheries but it is currently difficult to quantify the distribution of fishing effort between the different fishing gears and between the different areas. it is an important issue to better quantify the fishing effort, its spatial and temporal distribution with the principal objective of alleviating fishing pressure on the coastal fishing resources. The EU legislation requires that all coastal EU countries over 12 meters should set up a Vessel...
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Ano: 2019 URL:
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