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Response of juvenile sole (Solea solea (L.)) to environmental changes investigated by otolith microstructure analysis. ArchiMer
Koutsikopoulos, Constantin; Karakiri, M; Desaunay, Yves; Dorel, Didier.
Otolith microstructure analysis of sole juveniles, Solea solea (0-2 groups) sampled in the Bay of Vilaine, Bay of Biscay, was carried out using scanning electron microscopy. Daily increment analysis showed two cases growth retardation, recorded as narrow increment deposition during the first weeks after transition to the bottom-dwelling mode of life. It is assumed that the observed growth retardation of 0-group sole in the summer of 1982 might have been caused by the oxygen deficiency recorded in the Bay of Vilaine at that time. The same observation in otolith microstructure during late spring 1986 might be associated with a strong cold freshwater discharge recorded in the sampling area that affected both water salinity and temperature.
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Ano: 1989 URL:
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