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Spatio-temporal patterns and environmental controls of small pelagic fish body condition from contrasted Mediterranean areas ArchiMer
Brosset, Pablo; Fromentin, Jean-marc; Van Beveren, Elisabeth; Lloret, Josep; Marques, Virginie; Basilone, Gualtiero; Bonanno, Angelo; Carpi, Piera; Donato, Fortunata; Kec, Vanja Cikes; De Felice, Andrea; Ferreri, Rosalia; Gasparevic, Denis; Giraldez, Ana; Gucu, Ali; Iglesias, Magdalena; Leonori, Iole; Palomera, Isabel; Somarakis, Stylianos; Ticina, Vjekoslav; Torres, Pedro; Ventero, Ana; Zorica, Barbara; Menard, Frederic; Saraux, Claire.
Small pelagic fish are among the most ecologically and economically important marine fish species and are characterized by large fluctuations all over the world. In the Mediterranean Sea, low catches and biomass of anchovies and sardines have been described in some areas during the last decade, resulting in important fisheries crises. Therefore, we studied anchovy and sardine body condition variability, a key index of population health and its response to environmental and anthropogenic changes. Wide temporal and spatial patterns were investigated by analyzing separately data from scientific surveys and fisheries in eight Mediterranean areas between 1975 and 2015. Results showed that anchovy and sardine body condition as well as maximum size in some areas...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Anchovy; Sardine; Fish health; Marine monitoring.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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