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Simulation-based study of the combined effect on cod-end size selection of turning meshes by 90 degrees and reducing the number of meshes in the circumference for round fish ArchiMer
Herrmann, Bent; Priour, Daniel; Krag, Ludvig A..
FEMNET, a numerical tool based on the finite element method, was used to estimate the shapes of four different designs of trawl cod-ends during fishing operations. Compared to a traditional diamond-mesh cod-end the design differences were the following: (i) the netting orientation was turned by 90 degrees (T90), (ii) the number of meshes in the circumference was reduced by 50% or (i) and (ii) were combined. The cod-end shape estimates were then entered into the simulation tool PRESEMO, to estimate their influence on the selectivity processes in the cod-end. This enabled us to predict how these design alterations - alone or combined - may act on the selectivity of each cod-end under identical fishing conditions. For instance, we predict that for a I 10 mm...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: FEMNET; PRESEMO; T90; Cod end selectivity.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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