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A forest growth dynamic indicator. Repositório Alice
The dynamics of forest growth are related to the succession stage, the quality of the environment and the degree of anthropism. The growth of a forest is given by the activity of live trees, mortality, and trees that are cut or recruited during the growing period. A way of representing the growth dynamics of a forest is by the Transition Matrix, with the divisibility of the population in states, with probabilities of movement from one state to another, over time. Forest dynamics studies are carried out by means of a continuous forest inventory, allowing the calculation of gains and losses in basal area, mortality rates and ingrowth. In this study, the measurements were performed with a 5-year interval, on 27 plots distributed in 12 sites. The methodology...
Tipo: Artigo de periódico Palavras-chave: Matriz de transição; Dinâmica de crescimento; Floresta; Meio ambiente.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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