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A Middle Pleistocene Northeast Atlantic coccolithophore record: Paleoclimatology and paleoproductivity aspects 5
Amore, F. O.; Flores, J. A.; Voelker, A. H. L.; Lebreiro, S. M.; Palumbo, E.; Sierro, F. J..
Changes in paleoclimate and paleoproductivity patterns have been identified by analysing, in conjunction with other available proxy data, the coccolithophore assemblages from core MD03-2699, located in the Portuguese margin in the time interval from the Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 13/14 boundary to MIS 9 (535 to 300 ka). During the Mid-Brunhes event, the assemblages associated with the eccentricity minima are characterised by higher nannoplankton accumulation rate (NAR) values and by the blooming of the opportunistic genus Gephyrocapsa. Changes in coccolithophore abundance are also related to glacial-interglacial cycles. Higher NAR and numbers of coccoliths/g mainly occurred during the interglacial periods, while these values decreased during the glacial...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: North Atlantic Ocean; Mid-Pleistocene; Coccolithophores; Paleoclimate; Paleoproductivity.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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