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A brief review of nutritional studies for Penaeus monodon ArchiMer
Liao, I; Liu, F.
In order to develop effective formulated for Penaeus monodon , sufficient information is needed on its nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, research on this area has been very limited. This paper outlines the results of such research. Since data on the nutritional requirements of P. japonicus are relatively well established, some of these data are also reviewed in this paper and are used as a basis for assessing the nutritional requirements of P. monodon . Protein, lipid, carbohydrate, mineral and vitamin requirements are evaluated from the parameters of growth survival and feed efficiency. Studies on the effects of enzymes and the development of microparticulate diet for larvae are also summarized.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Penaeus monodon; Pond culture; Shrimp culture; Amino acids; Fatty acids; Marine crustaceans; Diets; Enzymes; Feed efficiency; Survival; Growth; Vitamins; Carbohydrates; Lipids; Proteins.
Ano: 1989 URL:
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