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Hot spot activity and tectonic settings near Amsterdam-St. Paul plateau (Indian Ocean) ArchiMer
Janin, M.; Hemond, C.; Guillou, H.; Maia, M.; Johnson, K. T. M.; Bollinger, C.; Liorzou, C.; Mudholkar, A..
The Amsterdam-St. Paul (ASP) plateau is located in the central part of the Indian Ocean and results from the interaction between the ASP hot spot and the Southeast Indian Ridge (SEIR). It is located near the diffuse boundary between the Capricorn and Australian plates. The seamount chain of the Dead Poets (CDP) is northeast of the ASP plateau and may represent older volcanism related to the ASP hot spot; this chain consists of two groups of seamounts: (1) large flat-topped seamounts formed 8-10 Ma and (2) smaller conical seamounts formed during the last 2 Myr. The ASP hot spot has produced two pulses of magmatism that have been ponded under the ASP plateau and erupted along the divergent boundary between the Capricorn and Australian plates. The N65 degrees...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ridge–hot spot interaction; K-Ar geochronology; Hot spot; SEIR; Indian Ocean; Capricorn plate.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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