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QLIF Workshop 1: Product quality in organic and low input farming systems. Organic Eprints
Lueck, Lorna; Brandt, Kirsten; Seal, Chris; Rembialkovska, Ewa; Huber, Machtheld; Butler, Gillian; Bennett, Richard; Oughton, Liz; Nicholas, Philipa; Kretzschmar, Ursula; Sundrum, Albert; Leifert, Carlo.
QLIF researchers have quantified effects on food quality and health of products such as wheat, forage, apples, milk and meat. The workshop identifies factors which cause variation of the product quality for different commodities. Experimental findings on quality of organic and low input foods will be compared with consumer expectations and attitudes. For selected quality improving measures their economic impact will be analysed. Furthermore, the role of processing in maintaining or improving specific ‘organic’ qualities will be examined.
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Food security; Food quality and human health.
Ano: 2008 URL:[1].doc
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