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Entwicklung eines zeitlichen und räumlichen Entscheidungshilfesystems gegen den Erbsenwickler (Cydia nigricana, Fabricius) Organic Eprints
Schieler, M.; Riemer, N.; Racca, P.; Saucke, Helmut; Clemenz, C.; Schwabe, K.; Müller, U.; Hammer-Weis, M.; Kleinhenz, Benno.
Pea moths (Cydia nigricana) can cause severe damages in pea crops (Pisum sativum). Larvae feed on the seeds in the pods and contaminate them with feces. In the cultivation of organic green peas 0.5 % damaged seeds lead to the denial of whole pea fields (Schulz & Saucke 2005). There can be a yield loss in forage peas and a loss of quality of seeds for propagation. Within the framework of the project to improve the spatial and temporal cultivation strategy of peas to get less damage due to pea moths, is the intention. For a better spatial and temporal cultivation strategy, the DSS creates a map with areas with an infestation risk factor. The higher the risk factor, the earlier the new fields should be cultivated. Therefore, the first part of the DSS...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Cereals; Pulses and oilseeds Crop health; Quality; Protection.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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