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Microplastics in seafood: Benchmark protocol for their extraction and characterization ArchiMer
Dehaut, Alexandre; Cassone, Anne-laure; Frere, Laura; Hermabessiere, Ludovic; Himber, Charlotte; Rinnert, Emmanuel; Riviere, Gilles; Lambert, Christophe; Soudant, Philippe; Huvet, Arnaud; Duflos, Guillaume; Paul-pont, Ika.
Pollution of the oceans by microplastics (<5 mm) represents a major environmental problem. To date, a limited number of studies have investigated the level of contamination of marine organisms collected in situ. For extraction and characterization of microplastics in biological samples, the crucial step is the identification of solvent(s) or chemical(s) that efficiently dissolve organic matter without degrading plastic polymers for their identification in a time and cost effective way. Most published papers, as well as OSPAR recommendations for the development of a common monitoring protocol for plastic particles in fish and shellfish at the European level, use protocols containing nitric acid to digest the biological tissues, despite reports of...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Microplastics; Digestion; Method; Seafood products; Tissue; Plastic integrity.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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