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La dynamique à sousmésoéchelle sur le plateau continental du Golfe de Gascogne ArchiMer
Yelerci, Ozge.
This thesis explores the submesoscale dynamics in the Bay of Biscay continental shelf. In the first part, submesoscale features over the shelf are identified using remotely sensed high resolution sea surface temperature (SST) images by MODIS. Front detection is achieved through singularity exponents, a novel method of calculating irregularities on the SST fields, and an index for the frontal activity is generated. Results are complemented with 2.5 km horizontal resolution numerical simulations. Three main types of fronts are presented: i) tidal mixing fronts along the coast and most significantly in the Ushant region; ii) shelf break front related to internal tidal wave activity; iii) fresh water fronts along the edge of the river plumes in winter. In the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Dynamique à sousmésoéchelle; Modèle numérique océanique a haute résolution; Golfe de gascogne; Exposants de singularité; Données satellites de température de surface de la mer; Submesoscale dynamics; Fronts; Bay of Biscay.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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