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Le répulsif à cétacés : performances acoustiques requises ArchiMer
Le Gall, Yves; Origne, Laurent; Scalabrin, Carla; Morizur, Yvon.
Acoustic deterrent devices could be an appealing solution to tackle accidental cetacean by-catches in pelagic trawls or in fishing net gears. The bibliographical data on two species (Harbour porpoise and bottlenosed dolphin) have been analyzed in terms of audiogram, discomfort noise level that could lead to behavioural changes, sensory fatigue, and threshold for permanent hearing injuries. It is possible, on the basis of the above data, to characterize an efficient annoyance sound threshold which is not harmful to the species to be protected. Taking into account the properties of the sound waves propagation in the marine environment and according to the required range, the minimal amplitude of the repulsive sound to emit is proposed. Accordingly, the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Wave propagation; Behaviour; Audiogram; Capture; Cetacean; In fishing net gear; Pelagic trawl; Acoustic deterrent; Propagation onde; Comportement; Audiogramme; Capture; Cétacé; Filet; Pêche artisanale; Chalutage pélagique; Répulsif acoustique.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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