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Suivi régional des nutriments sur le littoral Nord Pas de Calais / Picardie. Bilan de l'année 2005. ArchiMer
Lefebvre, Alain; Bonte, Yohann.
The coastal zone of the Nord - Pas de Calais / Picardie showed dysfonctioning patterns of the ecosystem considered to be link to human activities along shores. This results in regular massive development of species, such as the phytoplanktonic seaweed, Phaeocytis sp. which life cycle was partiy linked to nutrients availability and consequently to anthropogenic inputs. As part of the evaluation of the influence of continental inputs on the marine environment (nitrates, phosphates, ... ) and on potential eutrophication processes, of the estimation of the efficiency of the sewage treatments plants in the possible elimination of dumpings and in order to establish a long-term survey to follow up the change in coastal waters quality, the regional nutrients...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Apports continentaux; Eutrophisation; Qualité des eaux littorales; Surveillance; Continental inputs; Eutrophication; Quality of coastal waters; Monitoring.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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