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3D seismic structure of the Zhenbei-Huangyan seamounts chain in the East Sub-basin of the South China Sea and its mechanism of formation ArchiMer
Wang, Jian; Zhao, Minghui; Qiu, Xuelin; Sibuet, Jean-claude; He, Enyuan; Zhang, Jiazheng; Tao, Chunhui.
The probable N055°-oriented extinct spreading ridge of the East Sub-basin is cut across by the post-spreading volcanic ridge oriented approximately E–W in its western part and called the Zhenbei–Huangyan seamounts chain. A three-dimensional ocean bottom seismometer survey was conducted in 2011 and covered both the extinct spreading ridge and the Zhenbei–Huangyan seamounts chain in the East Sub-basin. The comprehensive seismic record sections of 39 ocean bottom seismometers underline the high-quality data with clear and reliable P-wave seismic first arrivals. The three-dimensional tomographic results show that the crust is oceanic on each side of the Zhenbei–Huangyan seamounts chain. The seafloor spreading lineaments and associated fracture zones pattern...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Extinct spreading ridge; Zhenbei-Huangyan seamounts chain; 3D seismic structure; Post-spreading magmatism; East Sub-basin; South China Sea.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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