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Poissons et invertébrés au large des côtes de France : Indicateurs issus des pêches scientifiques. Bilan 2002 ArchiMer
Bertrand, Jacques; Cochard, Marie-laure; Coppin, Franck; Le Pape, Olivier; Mahe, Jean-claude; Morin, Jocelyne; Poulard, Jean-charles; Rochet, Marie-joelle; Schlaich, Ivan; Souplet, Arnauld; Trenkel, Verena; Verin, Yves.
The scientist community, the fishing organisations and all involved parties show a growing interest in an integrated project management of the sea space exploited by fishing communities. A key to reach such a target is to make available reliable and precise scientist data on the different components of the fishing systems. For about twenty years, and in its mission to support the development of an integrated management for a sustainable use of marine resources, Ifremer has been organising monitoring campaigns of fishery resources along the shores of France. These campaigns aim at providing abundance indicator on species of interest. They consequently provide an essential knowledge base to characterize and trace the status of exploited fish and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ecosystem; Indicating; Oceanographical campaign; Scientific research; Fishing halieutic; Fishing; English Channel; Bay of Biscay; France; Invertebrate; Pisces; Ecosystème; Indicateur; Campagne océanographique; Recherche scientifique; Pêche halieutique; Pêche; Mer du nord; Golfe de gascogne; Manche; France; Invertebrate; Pisces.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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