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Puissance de peche et relations avec les caracteristiques techniques des navires. Exemple de flottilles pratiquant le chalutage en Mediterranee ArchiMer
Perodou, Jean-bernard; Andrianavaly, Jean.
The topic of this work is to analyse two sets of fishing statistics, one concerns ships which landed their catches at Sète during the 88-94 period, the other ships which landed their catches in different fish markets of Lion's gulf during the 94-97 period. Cpue are treated by a log-linear model with three qualitative variables which provides fishing powers of ships, abundance index of species in monthly strata and in annual strata. These three factors are revealed to be statistically significant and form the following hierarchy : first fishing power of ships, secondly monthly index and thirdly annual index of abundance of species. Engine power is revealed to be a minor explicative factor of differences between fishing powers of ships. Two other explicative...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Chalutiers du golfe du Lion; Indice d'abondance; Puissance de pêche; Modèle linéaire; Statistique de pêche; Lion's gulf trawlers; Abundance index; Fishing power; Linear model; Fishing statistic.
Ano: 1999 URL:
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