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A Long Gravity-Piston Corer Developed for Seafloor Gas Hydrate Coring Utilizing an In Situ Pressure-Retained Method ArchiMer
Chen, Jia-wang; Fan, Wei; Bingham, Brian; Chen, Ying; Gu, Lin-yi; Li, Shi-lun.
A corer, which can obtain long in situ pressure-retained sediments of up to 30 m core containing gas hydrates, has been applied in the South China Sea (SCS) dozens of times. The corer presented in this paper is a convenient, efficient and economical long in situ pressure-retained coring and research tool for submarine sediments, that can applied to completely cope with all sediments close to the seafloor ranging from shallow waters to the deep sea depths of 6000 m. This article mainly presents the overall structure, working principles, key pressure-retained components, coring mechanism, sea trials and outlook of the corer. The analyses found that the coring ability was affected by formation characteristics, the outer diameter of the core barrels and inner...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Gas hydrate corer; In situ pressure-retained corer; Mechanism of coring; Long coring; Gravity-piston; Key pressure-retained structure.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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