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Coccinellidae parasitoids in Brazil: neglected species in a mega-diverse country. Repositório Alice
TOGNI, P. H. B.; SOUZA, L. M. de; SICSU, P. R.; COSTA, V. A.; AMARAL, D. S. S. L.; FRANCO, A. C.; SUJII, E. R.; VENZON, M..
Current knowledge on coccinellids is primarily focused on their role as natural enemies of soft-bodied insects. However, there is a great diversity of coccinellid parasitoid species that are less studied. Here, we describe new records of coccinellid parasitoids with emphasis on new host?parasitoid interactions in 11 sample sites in Brazil. We collected 122 coccinellid individuals parasitized by six species of parasitoids in the Cerrado and in the Atlantic Rainforest biomes. New records of coccinellid parasitoids and host associations, expansion of habitat ranges and interactions are discussed focusing on the lack of basic information on these interactions in Brazil.
Tipo: Separatas Palavras-chave: Região neotropical; Ladybirds; Biodiversidade; Joaninha; Parasitismo; Biodiversity.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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