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Improving Intertidal Reef Mapping Using UAV Surface, Red Edge, and Near-Infrared Data ArchiMer
Collin, Antoine; Dubois, Stanislas; James, Dorothée; Houet, Thomas.
Coastal living reefs provide considerable services from tropical to temperate systems. Threatened by global ocean-climate and local anthropogenic changes, reefs require spatially explicit management at the submeter scale, where socioecological processes occur. Drone surveys have adequately addressed these requirements with red-green-blue (RGB) orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSMs). The use of ancillary spectral bands has the potential to increase the mapping of all reefscapes that emerge during low tide. This research investigates the contribution of the drone-based red edge (RE), near-infrared (NIR), and DSM into the classification accuracy of five main habitats of the largest intertidal biogenic reefs in Europe, built by the honeycomb worm...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Reefs; Red edge; Near-infrared; Digital surface model; Classification; Sabellaria alveolata.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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