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Traitement des crevettes contre le noircissement .Mise au point d'une ligne de traitement ArchiMer
Chantreau, Patrick.
Once fished, the shrimps must be cooled quickly in water cooled in order to slow down all chemical and bacteriological activities. In addition, in order to avoid blackening (mélanose) shrimps (céphalothorax and legs) it is necessary to treat those with an antioxydant product. The product currently used to inhibit this enzymatic change is the soda niétabisuifite (Na-> S7 O5), until now, after being fished. the shrimps were directly soaked in a cooled water tank, containing the pesticide. The solution of treatment was progressively prepared needs. The concentration of this one was approximately 2 to 3% of métabisulfite, that is to say 6 to 9 G of SO2 per liter for a starting product containing 320 G of SO2 approximately. In order to preserve a good...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: New Caledonia; Blackening; Treatment; Penaeus stylirostris; Shrimp; Nouvelle Calédonie; Noircissement; Traitement; Penaeus stylirostris; Crevette.
Ano: 1991 URL:
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