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Comparison of mesozooplankton communities at three shallow seamounts in the South West Indian Ocean 5
Noyon, Margaux; Rasoloarijao, Zo; Huggett, Jenny; Ternon, Jean-francois; Roberts, Michael.
Seamounts are recognised as hotspots of biodiversity, attracting large numbers of top predators, but the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. We studied mesozooplankton abundance and size distribution at three shallow seamounts (60m, 240m and 18m deep) in the South West Indian Ocean, along a latitudinal gradient (19°S, 27°S and 33°S). Samples were analysed using a ZooScan, allowing the use of a size-based approach. Differences were observed between seamount areas, but overall zooplankton communities did not seem to be affected by the changes in topography. Only in the lee of La Pérouse seamount was the zooplankton community slightly more concentrated than upstream, suggesting that zooplankton were flushed downstream of the seamount. The southernmost...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Normalised biovolume size spectrum (NBSS); Mesoscale eddies; Topography; Oligotrophic environment; Pelagic ecology.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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