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A Multifunctional Comparison of Conventional versus Alternative Olive Systems in Spain by Using AHP AgEcon
Parra-Lopez, Carlos; Calatrava-Requena, Javier.
Sustainability of agriculture is strongly related to the multifunctional role implicitly or explicitly recognized to it in the framework of the European Union CAP. This multifunctional role entails a multicriteria approach when assessing the performance and value for society of farming systems. Multicriteria assessment of agricultural systems is characterized by the existence of many criteria often conflicting among then, many stakeholders and decision-makers with competing interests, and lack of information. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a multicriteria methodology that allows dealing with these problems, in a relatively easy, flexible and economical manner, and therefore it is a potentially useful tool in this field, although its application with...
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation Palavras-chave: Organic farming; Integrated farming; Olive-growing systems; AHP; Multicriteria analysis.; Crop Production/Industries; Q50; Q57; Q51; Q56; C6.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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