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Étude préparatoire a une reconquête des niveaux de ressource en langouste royale (Palinurus elephas) en mer d'Iroise ArchiMer
Latrouite, Daniel; Lazure, Pascal.
The study conducted in the framework of an agreement between Ifremer and the Local fisheries committee at Audierne is part of a project to restore spiny lobster Palinurus elephas stock levels in the Iroise Sea. It is supported by professional fishermen from Finistère and by the Regional fisheries committee of Brittany. After a brief review of the way lobster stocks are managed worldwide, followed by the major biological and ecological features of red lobster and the state of fisheries in Europe and North Africa, the very poor state of the resource along French coast is borne out by the statistics of landings. Various scenarios (not alternatives) to promote the rebuilding of the biomass are suggested: minimum landing size increase, seasonal closure of...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Phyllosoma; Iroise; Stock; Rebuilding; Overfishing; Palinurus elephas; Red lobster; Phyllosomes; Iroise; Stock; Reconstitution; Surexploitation; Palinurus elephas; Langouste rouge.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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