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2D ocean waves spectra from space: a challenge for validation and synergetic use ArchiMer
Mouche, Alexis; He, W.; Husson, R.; Guitton, Gilles; Chapron, Bertrand; Li, Huimin.
Sentinel-1 A now routinely acquires data over the ocean since 2014. Data are processed by ESA through the Payload Data Ground Segment up to Level-2 for Copernicus users. Level-2 products consist of geo-located geophysical parameters related to wind, waves and ocean current. In particular, Sentinel-1A wave measurements provide 2D ocean swell spectra (2D wave energy distribution as a function of wavelength and direction) as well as integrated parameters such as significant wave height, dominant wavelength and direction for each partition. In 2016, Sentinel-1 B will be launched by ESA and GF-3 by CNSA. Then in 2018, CFOSAT (China France Oceanography Satellite project), a joint mission from the Chinese and French Space Agencies, will be launched. They will...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ocean remote sensing; Synthetics aperture radar; Ocean wave-spectrometer; 2D ocean wave spectrum; Level-4.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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