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Match/mismatch between the Mytilus edulis larval supply and seston quality: effect on recruitment ArchiMer
Toupoint, Nicolas; Gilmore-solomon, Lisandre; Bourque, Francois; Myrand, Bruno; Pernet, Fabrice; Olivier, Frederic; Tremblay, Rejean.
We considered Cushing's match/mismatch theory in a heterotrophic environment and hypothesized that settlement and recruitment success in blue mussel are higher when the food supply is rich in polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids (PUFA/EFA). To test this hypothesis, we monitored larval development as well as fatty acid composition in trophic resources during two successive reproductive seasons. The decoupling we found between the presence of competent larvae in the water column and settlement rates strongly suggests that metamorphosis is delayed until conditions are suitable. In both years, the major mussel settlement peak was synchronized with a phytoplanktonic pulse rich in EFA, consisting of a large autotrophic bloom in 2007 and a short but...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Fatty acids; Larval supply; Match/mismatch; Mytilus edulis; Picoeukaryotes; Recruitment; Settlement rate; Trophic settlement trigger.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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