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Synthesis of the POMME physical data set: One year monitoring of the upper layer ArchiMer
Gaillard, Fabienne; Mercier, Herle; Kermabon, Catherine.
The Programme Ocean Multidisciplinaire Meso Echelle (POMME) experiment was designed to describe and quantify the role of mesoscale processes in the subduction of mode waters in the northeast Atlantic. During 1 year ( September 2000 - October 2001), in situ measurements were conducted over a 8 degrees square area centered on 18 degrees W, 42 degrees N. We present the synthesis of the physical data set collected during this experiment. To improve time and space coverages, these measurements are combined with satellite information from sea surface temperature and altimetry. Daily fields of temperature, salinity, and stream function are produced over a seasonal cycle with a simplified Kalman filter. We analyze the annual cycle of the upper layer. The 1 year...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Upper ocean seasonal cycle; Mesoscale; Northeast Atlantic; Subduction; Mode water; Mixed layer.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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