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Water quality and head loss in irrigation filters Scientia Agricola
Ribeiro,Túlio Assunção Pires; Paterniani,José Euclides Stipp; Airold,Rogério Pereira da Silva; Silva,Marcelo Jacomini Moreira da.
Among the irrigation systems used today, trickle irrigation is one of the most efficient methods. This research, conducted by means of field tests, had the objective of comparing head loss evolution on water filtration with a disc filter (130 mum) and a non-woven synthetic fabric filter used in a drip irrigation system. The test consisted of fertirrigation with organic fertilizer, and chemical treatment of the water with sodium hypochlorite. Physical, chemical, and biological parameters were analyzed, such as: pH, turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids, EC, hardness, Langelier index, total iron, manganese, sulfides, algae, and bacteria. The water source used in this experiment was from an open reservoir, where an experimental trickle irrigation...
Tipo: Info:eu-repo/semantics/article Palavras-chave: Drip irrigation; Filtration; Chlorine; Non-woven synthetic fabric; Fertilizers.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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