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Carbon isotope evidence for large methane emissions to the Proterozoic atmosphere ArchiMer
Cadeau, Pierre; Jézéquel, Didier; Leboulanger, Christophe; Fouilland, Eric; Le Floc’h, Emilie; Chaduteau, Carine; Milesi, Vincent; Guélard, Julia; Sarazin, Gérard; Katz, Amandine; D’amore, Sophie; Bernard, Cecile; Ader, Magali.
The Proterozoic Era records two periods of abundant positive carbon isotope excursions (CIEs), conventionally interpreted as resulting from increased organic carbon burial and leading to Earth’s surface oxygenation. As strong spatial variations in the amplitude and duration of these excursions are uncovered, this interpretation is challenged. Here, by studying the carbon cycle in the Dziani Dzaha Lake, we propose that they could be due to regionally variable methane emissions to the atmosphere. This lake presents carbon isotope signatures deviated by ~  + 12‰ compared to the modern ocean and shares a unique combination of analogies with putative Proterozoic lakes, interior seas or restricted epireic seas. A simple box model of its Carbon cycle demonstrates...
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Ano: 2020 URL:
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